What is the Back Office? Definition Meaning Example

what is backoffice

They are also responsible for maintaining the guest service computer systems and providing technical support for onboard users while maintaining the back office computers and peripherals. AMS Fulfillment, headquartered back office accounting in California, aims to help businesses cut costs and achieve efficiency through automation. Uses industry knowledge, skilled professionals, and advanced technology to deliver quality services.

  • A back office in most corporations is where work that supports front office work is done.
  • Back-office responsibilities include settlements, approvals, record keeping, regulatory compliance, accounting, and IT services.
  • Back Office means the section of an office that deals with administrative tasks.
  • Are able to move multi-skilled resources between teams to address peaks and valleys in work volumes.
  • The wages in the front office are consequently better than in the back office.

The work includes researching, making payments, scheduling receipts, and managing facilities. It includes areas required to make the whole process work smoothly, as this is where all supporting front ends happen. These operations largely involve human activities dealing with inputs and business processes.

amazing advantages of back office BPO

Georgia’s key role is to oversee the firm’s trading activity to ensure it complies with the regulations. She supervises the tasks of the back-office to ensure a good workflow with the front office, including reconciling trades between the front office and the back-office as well as with the brokers. The front office represents the customer-facing function or department of a firm, typically composed of administrative and sales personnel. Many business school students from non-target colleges and universities see Back Office work as a way to gain experience within a firm and potentially network up into the Front Office roles. The back office is the portion of a financial company made up of administration and support personnel, who are not client-facing.

what is backoffice

The back office includes compliance, human resources, accounting, operations management, and information technology departments. The front office is a business process involved in revenue driving and customer or client experience activities in a company. The back office is the backend business process that delivers quality products and services that meet clients’ requirements. The location of both business processes also differs between the front and back offices.

FAQs About Front Office Vs Back Office

Businesses often find it challenging to execute back office processes as it requires the latest technology, infrastructure, and qualified professionals. Outsourcing these processes gives companies a chance to improve their back office operation in a cost-effective way. Although they are different activities, back office and front office teams and software need to work constantly, being complementary to the other’s activities and processes. By using these two joint software systems technologies, integrated management reconciles all processes, ensuring the backoffice to enhance the activities of Frontoffice and Vise Versa.

Moreover, these developing countries typically offer incredible tax benefits and duty exemptions to encourage outsourcing. For example, the average annual salary of a customer service representative in Mexico is lower than in countries like the USA and the UK . Popular outsourcing countries like China, Vietnam, Mexico, etc., have low employee salaries and cost of living. As a result, you can increase profitability, reduce employee attrition rates, and access affordable tech. Be the first to know about and stay updated on the lates news in the Contact Center, BPO and Technology World.


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